How it works

1Create an Employers Account

All you need to create an employers account is your email address and a password. It is totally free to sign up as an employer without any commitment required.

Create an Employers Account

2Fill out your Company Profile

You can create multiple company profiles from one employer account. This allows you to post jobs for different companies and manage all of them from the same dashboard.

Fill out your Company Profile

3Post your Jobs

Fill out our step-by-step job form or duplicate any of your existing job listings. By providing as many details as possible in the job form you can ensure that only the most qualified candidates are being attracted.

Post your Jobs

4Smart Candidate Matching

SmartJob's powerful matching algorithm identifies the best candidates for your job listings immediately after publishing them and notifies candidates to apply to your jobs.

Smart Candidate Matching

5Access our Resume Database

Not only can an unlimited number of candidates apply for your job listings, you can also search our database of resumes to help find the perfect fit! Our database contains resumes of job-seekers that are actively searching for a job and that have selected to share their resumes with employers.

Access our Resume Database

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Do I need a credit card or any online payment method to post an ad?
No. Listing jobs with us is FREE. All you need to do is create an employer account, provide your company details and you are set to post your job ads immediately for FREE.
How long does it take to list a job with SmartJob?
Listing a job takes less than 5 minutes. Our step-by-step listing process is straight forward and allows you to create great job ads. Fast.
How long will my job listings be available on SmartJob?
Your job listings will be visible for 90 days from the day of you publishing them.
Are there any hidden costs?
No, there are no hidden costs and listing jobs with us is totally free.