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15 July 2019
Job ID: JKT-22572
Business Appraisers - Staff/Professional Staff



Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik Kusnanto & rekan


We act as independent business appraisers specializing in business valuation, fairness opinion and feasibility study. As a prominent business appraisers, we have wide range client base covering several industry sectors, such as timber plantation, palm oil plantation, tea plantation, printing manufacturer, hospital, cement manufacturer, bottle drinking manufacturer, food and beverage manufacturer, flour mills manufacturer, textile manufacturer, property, financial services, bank, retail, pharmaceutical company, automotive, mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, etc. Our clients are reputable and well-known players in the capital markets ranging from big to small market capitalization.


The daily work is based on the public compannies transactions where they need our service to provide an independent reports . basically, all the major transactions in OJK such as acquisitions, divestment, merger, and all other proposed transactions that needs to be verified with an independent appraisers will be done by appraisers like us. There 3 major reports that usually have to be made, those are Fairness Opinion Report, Share Valuation Report and Feasibility Study Report. These reports will be prepared and customized along with the client's proposed transactions (Loan/Funding, Refinancing, Non-Preemptive Rights, Initial Public Offering, Purchase Price Allocation, Internal Restructuring, etc).



  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Accountancy.
  • Fresh Graduate are welcome.
  • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor).
  • Reseach and analysed the main industries
  • Please read our profile carefully

Job Details:

  • Performance bonus
  • Travel allowance
  • Medical insurance

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