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13 November 2019
Job ID: CJA-3775


  • Pendidikan D3/S1
  • Memiliki kemampuan analisa yang baik

Tugas dan tanggung jawab

  • Melakukan pengembangan produk baru
  • Melakukan program pengurangan biaya pembuatan produk


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Job Details:

PT ARISAMANDIRI PRATAMA (ARISA) is one of the most complete general manufacturer companies in South East Asia, with a prolific products portfolio marketed to America, Asia, and Europe. For the first 20 years, the ARISA group primarily concentrated on cosmetic packaging products; a state of the art products segment requiring a very high standard only a few selected Asian manufacturers could meet. Premium products demand innovative design and development, excellent product quality and services, and competitive pricing; which have since become elemental to our corporate culture in facing every other project. Diversification into Electronic and Houseware divisions during 1990’s has proven ARISA as a growing, resourceful company despite the devastating Asian crisis periode.

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