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18 September 2020
ID pekerjaan: BAN-10268
Employee Service Division Head
Responsibilities :

  • Responsible to all process in Employee Service Division
  • Control and monitoring daily operation of Employee Service Division
  • Organize each section and lead all leaders to achieve goal of department
  • Coaching and counseling all leaders to improve and upgrade
  • Create strategies and evaluate the achievement of goals
  • Analyze and problem solving
  • Managing and follow up findings audit
  • Implement cost reduction of operational in Employee Service
  • Receive reports from each leader of Employee Service Division related to all existing activities
  • Relationship building with line manager all departement
  • Evaluate and increase performance of team
  • Follow company program:
    • Comply and supervising regulations, culture and OHS (including to ensure work tools accordance standard), energy, quality and environment programs to ensure implement company management system runs smoothly..
    • Identify, report and review related OHS (work accident. Audit OHS and improvement), energy, quality and environment management system to ensure and improve company management system.

Requirements :
  • Required language(s): English
  • Have Knowledge’s of all process in Employee Service Department, managerial skill, coaching and counseling, human management, Understanding vision and mission company & safety, Understanding standards in work areas related regulation of OHS Energy, Quality and Environment.
  • Have Skill’s of Strong analytical thinking, Problem solving, Improvement management, Communication, Decision making.
  • Have Attitude’s of Quality of Work, Character/Ethicsc, Influence, Initiative, Creative thinking, Trust, Accurate, Possitive Attitude, Upgrade, Relationship Building.
  • At least 7 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position

"In terms of the process of hiring, PT Victory Chingluh Indonesia did not collect any fees or FREE. Banned to pay any fees to irresponsible parties on behalf of the Company or HRD”
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Perincian Pekerjaan
  • Tipe Pekerjaan:
  • Kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan:
  • Pengalaman yang dibutuhkan:
    7 tahun
  • Fungsi Pekerjaan:
  • Industri perusahaan:
  • Lokasi:
    Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
  • Gaji:
    Gaji dinegosiasikan

  • Tunjangan Transportasi
  • Asuransi kesehatan

Chingluh was established in 1969 by Su Chingluh. It is one of the largest footwear manufactures globally. We have 12 factories ascross Asia-in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. We produce around 8M prs per month of product. We have over 75K employees across Asia with sales of over $80M per month. For our business, we have 2 facility in Vietnam and 1 facility in Indonesia.   Ching Luh Vision – To be recognized as the leader in the development and supply of innovative and sustainable athletic footwear.   Ching Luh Mission – Ching Luh’s empowered employees develop and manufacture innovative athletic footwear through the use of sustainable and efficient processes and practices that provide competitive advantages to it’s customers. Ching Luh’s Attitude – Make It Right.   Be part of our team and join PT. Victory Chingluh Indonesia, P roducer of high quality branded shoeslocated in Pasar Kemis Tangerang, Banten. We are Manufacture Company especially in footwear. We have commitment to ensuring equal employment oppurtunities, enhance, strengthen employee engagement and leadership development. We always follow the local laws for compliens inregulation.

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