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06 February 2020
Job ID: JKT-48632

Persyaratan :

  • Lulusan segala ilmu
  • Berbahasa inggris aktif maupun pasif
  • Domisili diutamakan Jakarta Barat.

Tugas dan tanggungjawab:

  • Mengajar sesuai jadwal dan hadir 15 menit sebelum  kelas dimulai
  • Mendampingi murid pada saat ujian. 




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Job Details:

Explore the Experiences at Blossom School We are seeking for a passionate Learner, Leader and Team Player Blossom School was founded on the premise that learning is not to be measured by grades alone, but by the compassionate and socially signiicant lives our students choose to lead while at Blossom School and beyond. We pride ourselves on producing students with strong leadership, self-confidence, English language, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Students are given the freedom and rights to think freely and respond to reason. Learners coming out of Blossom School are equipped with a type of "greatness" and the skills they will need not just to survive but to thrive in the 21st century. We truly believe that children come into the world eager to learn. Every second, every minute, and every step of our way is part of that learning journey -a journey with a worthy purpose. Blossom School is a place for learning for all. This is especially true for our faculty and students. A true education is a never-ending process and continual learning is the key to continual living. If you stop learning you have effectively stop living. For as long as we are teaching, our learning will never end

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