ID pekerjaan: BAL-1654 | Lokasi: Bali, Indonesia
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ID pekerjaan: BAL-1654 | Lokasi: Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Airport Operating Staff (Bali)

- Support Station Manager in handling passengers, baggage, cargo and flights

- Supervise and support check in process

- Report any issue related to the luggage to higher level

- Re-routing or re-booking passenger tickets

- Assisting disable passengers or those travelling with young children

- Giving passengers up-date information on flights

- Assisting passengers with all enquiries, including lost or delayed baggage

- Assisting staff in carrying out security checks as and when the situation arises

- Delivering high levels of customer service to passengers and those travelling through the airport

- Invoice checking, including those for lounge each month

- Other tasks assigned by Station Manager


Qualification :

- Max. 35 years

- Candidate must be possess at least Diploma or Bachelor Degree

- Required language (s) : English (writing, reading, listening and speaking) with TOIEC certificate Min. 600 or equivalent

- 2-years experience is an asset

- Strong customer service skills, professional appearance, cooperative attitude and flexibility in terms of scheduling





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Perincian Pekerjaan:

  • Tipe Pekerjaan:

  • Tingkat Karir:

    Level Awal
  • Pengalaman yang dibutuhkan :

    2 tahun
  • Fungsi Pekerjaan:

  • Lokasi:

    Badung, Bali, Indonesia
  • Gaji:

    Gaji dinegosiasikan

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