ID pekerjaan: JKT-31804 | Lokasi: DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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ID pekerjaan: JKT-31804 | Lokasi: Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


Job Description

  • You have a role to check all the specification documents, technical design and all points for product quality assessment.
  • You should also be able to make tests, test materials, test cases and complain against the product.
  • You can plan test time, test schedule standard, plan and coordinate in test execution.
  • You are willing to use open source tools to develop and assess automated test scripts.
  • You can track bugs, identify problems, record problems and document all the problems with the product.
  • You can pass regression testing to resolved bugs.
  • You want and can set up a testing process for new products and old products.
  • You can work with product development management teams and production managers to identify problems with products and systems.
  • You must slaughter any debugging process.
  • You can find solutions for all non-compliant software and implement the solution.
  • You can track quality assurance metrics including for the number of defects and other assessments.
  • You can work with all the up-to-date testing tools and can implement new test strategies.


  • We recommend you already have experience for software development.
  • You are already accustomed to working in a quality assurance system for software.
  • You can design and write test materials, test plans, test cases and complaints.
  • You've worked with white box and black box testing
  • You've had experience with a variety of automated testing tools
  • It's important to have solid knowledge of SQL and scripting
  • If you have experience about quality testing and product safety, then it could be an added value.


If you feel that you can meet the qualification and up for the challenge, please send your complete resume and current color photograph by clicking button bellow

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