ID pekerjaan: WJA-19013 | Lokasi: Jawa Barat, Indonesia
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ID pekerjaan: WJA-19013 | Lokasi: Cikarang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia


Job Description :

  • Control and monitoring of safety, quality and productivity of manufacturing process 
  • Check and control the capability of process with manufacturing specifications 
  • Check and review manufacturing specifications 
  • Continuous improvement and monitoring after improvement 
  • Reporting improvement result and issues 

JOb Requirement :

  • Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering 
  • Minimum GPA 3,00 
  • Good command in English with minimum score 400 
  • Expert level in Ms Office (Ms Excel and Ms Power Point) 
  • Able to operate AUTO-CAD 
  • Understand 6-sigma analysis tools 
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills 
  • Team player
  • Have an excellent analysis skill

Perincian Pekerjaan:

  • Tipe Pekerjaan:

    Purna Waktu, Kontrak
  • Tingkat Karir:

    Level Awal
  • Kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan :

  • Industri perusahaan:

  • Lokasi:

    Cikarang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Gaji:

    Gaji dinegosiasikan

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About Company Hankook is actively embracing the global stage through constant technological development and commitment to innovation. We are taking a leap to become a leading global tire company that provides sustainale solutions to deliver ultimate satisfaction to all customers.    Our History  Founded in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company, the first automobile tire company in Korea, Hankook forged a vision during an era when the seeds of early industrialisation were being sown in a country that lacked the wherewithal to grow successfully.   Even with facilities and supplies lacking until the end of the Korean War, it did not dampen our enthusiasm to produce quality tires and technology. Taking pride in developing Korea’s tire industry, the Hankook team recovered from the war by working hard across all facets of the business to lay the foundation for what the company is today.   With a mindset for industry and technological advancement, Hankook was able to establish itself as a cornerstone of Korea’s industrial progress. Our Organization As an organization with a matrix structure all regional headquarters are interconnected with our global headquarters cooperating effectively with our subdivisions to maximize the operational efficiency of our company. Our global headquarters, the epicenter of the organizational structure, analyses trends in the global market, establishes mid- to long-term strategies, and proposes and supports optimized models for each of the regional headquarters. Under this guidance our four strategic regional headquarters located in Korea, the United States, Europe and China operate production, sales and distribution systems customized for local customers. These offices also conduct operations in line with strategies laid out by the global headquarters, with the autonomy to cater to their regional customers promptly and effectively. Our regional headquarters consist of sixteen subdivisions based on local business characteristics and product types. Customers are categorized into general customers and automobile companies, and the operational units are divided accordingly. Each division is organized according to product characteristics, passenger cars, light trucks, and trucks and buses, and they actively and independently manage operations from product development to marketing. Career We want to support you in your exciting race to excellence  

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